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  • David

    August 27, 2020 at 6:03 am

    What struck me about today’s text and JD’s rather complicated reflection is the question of why did Jesus do what He did, to whom He did it, when and where He did it, and how He did it. This is basic inductive reasoning. My first thought is that everything Jesus, Messiah, does is to fulfill the Will go God. God’s Will is that none be lost and that everyone be healed of sin and made whole again. Then I thought about why this man and the what, when, where, and how questions. Jesus chose this man because he was sick and he wanted to be healed. I think this where humility comes into play. The reason many of us are not healed and made whole is that we don’t think we need healing. We don’t recognize our brokenness, so we don’t feel the need to be healed. Jesus says, I have come for the sick not the well. The what, when, and where has to do with demonstrating the power of God alone to heal our brokenness. We don’t need a magical pool, the help of others, or a special time to receive healing. We just need Jesus. We just need to trust and obey, get up, pick up our mat, and walk. Lord let it be so with me!