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  • David

    September 5, 2020 at 6:08 am

    Not looking for employees is a popular reframe in the world of work today. We call them associates or partners not employees. At The Chapel, we don’t have employees or members, we have partners. We are all partners in ministry with Jesus (God), not employees, even though we have paid pastors and staff. As believers, we are all ministers of God’s reconciliation and ambassadors for Christ. However, today’s text and reflection takes us to an important difference. We are not only not employees, we don’t do the work! He/Jesus does the work (the will of the Father) through us. We are vessels, conduits and instruments of His Will, but we accomplish this through being in relationship (abiding) with Him. Our work, our food is to believe in Him and become like Him for the sake of others. We get into trouble when we try to do the work. For example, in the work of disciple making we don’t really make Disciples. We create environments, processes and relationships (not programs) where Jesus and the Holy Spirit can do the work of transformation. Lord let it be so with me!