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  • David

    September 9, 2020 at 7:07 am

    The world, especially our current cancel culture in America, likes dualities and dichotomies. I call this the tyranny of the either ors. You are either a republican, Democrat or third party. You are progressive or conservative. You are male or female; black or white, etc. Jesus (God) became a man and came to earth to eliminate these separations, the secular (natural) from the divine (supernatural) and the flesh from the spirit. We are one in Christ, there is therefore now no separation for those in Christ. There is no political party; there is no black or white race; there is no male or female; no Jew or Gentile; free or slave; there is only one body, one church, one spirit, one baptism, and one Father of us all in Heaven. If you believe in Jesus and have been born again, your identity is the same. You are a Christ Follower. There is no secular or divine, it is all Divine.

    The other big take away from today’s text and reflection is the why. Why did Jesus (God) humble himself to become a man, and come to earth to die on a cross. Yes, He loved us and wanted to restore union between us and Him, but I think His real purpose, as JD suggests, was so that we could spiritually and physically become like Him. The goal of salvation is that we become like Him for the sake of others. Lord let it be so with me!