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  • David

    September 12, 2020 at 6:45 am

    The shift JD describes from the God of the Law to the laws of God is legalism and it has harmed many a believer and has led many astray. Jesus is the truth and the truth will set you free from legalism. No one can come to God except through Jesus, so it is not the truths about Him that are important, but knowing Him as truth and that is revealed to us only by the Holy Spirit, which we receive only if we believe in Jesus and are born again.

    The Church is the body of Christ, a community of believers, that He uses to accomplish His mission on earth. I believe Jesus is revealed to others through our relationships with each other and our actions. Our job is to reflect Him and He will draw them to himself and reveal hisself to them. We can’t make them see or believe, but we can show them the way. Lord let it be so with me!