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  • David

    September 17, 2020 at 7:06 am

    Jesus is the light of the world shining into the darkness and in Him there is life. This is the Gospel, the good news we bring to a fallen world as His Followers. In my life time, this is the darkest time in America that I have ever experienced. There have been darker times, as the generation before me can testify to, but this is our time of darkness and in some ways it is our darkest hour in America. We are more divided than ever even in the Body of Christ. We have glamorized sin and wealth in Hollywood and professional sports. We have made it ok to exploit women and children for sex. We have made it legal and a woman’s choice to murder unborn children. We have redefined gender and marriage, and have systematically destroyed the nuclear family. We have denigrated masculinity. According to the polls more than half the country favors adopting the failed Marxist policies of socialism, fascism, and communism that have been responsible for some the darkest times in our History, second only to the Dark Ages (5th – 15th century). How did we get to where we are and why are so many people even Christians so blind? I believe it is because we as individual Christ Followers and collectively as the Body of Christ have failed to share the Gospel of light and life. We have lost our influence as the light and salt in America. We should not be surprised by this. It is all in the Bible!

    Despite all of this I remain hopeful. Either the true believers, and I think there are way more of us than the polls suggest, are going to wake up and rise up to shine the light and life of the Gospel into all this darkness or Jesus is coming back to remove His Church and pass judgment on this world of darkness. Either way we win! Be brave, Be bold, and remember Jesus is the light and in Him there is life! Remain in Him and Him in you and we will get through this together!