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  • David

    September 25, 2020 at 6:20 am

    I have never really considered the blindness of the blind man’s neighbors. When I have read and studied this passage before, I have focused on the fact that the healing took place on the sabbath and the proclamation of the blind man. I have also wondered about why Jesus spit in the dirt and made mud to put on the man’s eyes. I am interested in where JD will go with this tomorrow.

    The fact is that most of us that are reading this are blind to the poor and less fortunate people that live in our community. This is partly because we are segregated from them, but even when we do encounter them in Walmart or on the off ramp, we don’t really see them. This wrong and Jesus admonishes us to love our neighbor and meet their needs. We will be judged based on the degree to which we have served the least of those among us.

    I agree with this and I try to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit when I do encounter the poor, the homeless, and the afflicted, but at the risk of being attacked as JD was in his story, I want to suggest that the poor Jesus is talking about may be different from those we encounter. Many people are poor, homeless and afflicted because they have chosen a path that leads to destruction and we have created an entitlement mentality in terms of their welfare. I won’t argue my case here, but I would like to know if others see a difference in the poor around us and the man in this story. My heart goes out to the “working” poor and the afflicted. I don’t have much sympathy for the lazy, the addicted, and those people who refuse to address the reasons for their circumstances and then expect me to provide for them. God forgive me if I am wrong and give me eyes to see those you want me to help.