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  • David

    September 27, 2020 at 7:01 am

    If God only listens to Godly people who do his will, then we are all in deep trouble because we are all sinners. There is not one of us without sin. We are born sinners just like the blind man and we can not see. Jesus listens to sinners and transforms them into Godly people who can see and do His will as His Disciples. The first step and the difference between the followers of Moses is acknowledging that we are sinners. The second step is asking Jesus to heal us and then following Him and testifying to what He has done for us. I was once lost; I did not know who I was or why I was here; now I am found; I have an identity and a purpose for being. I am a child of God and a Disciple of Jesus Christ. I can see and my life has meaning and purpose. Praise God!