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  • David

    October 3, 2020 at 7:02 am

    I know Jesus as both Savior and Lord of my life. As JD suggests, it is a progressive relationship that begins with, at least for me, a desperate plea to save me and then moves to surrendering my life to Him as Lord and King. This means abiding in Him, listening, hearing, and trying my best to do what He says. It is a proven fact, that most born again believers know Him only as Savior and that they worship Him as Savior. Fewer will pay the high cost of discipleship and know Him as Lord and King, and even fewer, less than 2%, will totally surrender and know Him as a friend.

    I am stuck in between knowing Him as my Lord and King, and being His friend. I worship Him as Lord and King. I am moving in the right direction, but I am not there yet. What I am learning and these passages will illuminate this for us is that knowing Jesus as friend means loving Him, trusting Him, and following Him even when He does not do what I ask Him for or when He disappoints me. That is the same Agape love He has for us.

    I learned this most vividly when He did not heal my 1st love in the manner I asked for and when He let me leave her to die without me by her side. I was more than disappointed, I was angry. However in His way and in His timing, I received far more than I asked for and I have come to understand why He sent me away.

    More recently, I have had to deal with disappointments in my service to Him. I am trying to be a really good servant and it’s not working too well right now. I am slowly beginning to realize that what He wants is for me to trust Him and follow Him regardless of my circumstances or the immediate outcomes. He wants me to be His friend, a brother, not a servant. Lord let it be so with all of us!