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  • David

    October 6, 2020 at 5:37 am

    To be honest, I believe Jesus wept for both Lazarus and the ones left behind, but I see JD’s point. The dead are dead. It is the living that mourn their death. The ones left behind are the ones suffering and that are in need of our compassion and comfort. I definitely believe the deeper the love, the greater the pain of loss. I also believe Jesus may have wept over their lack of faith.

    I don’t think I fail to love others deeply because I am afraid of loosing them. I fail to love deeply because I am distracted by other things and I am too self-absorbed to love them while they are here. This is a truly sad thing and greatly increases the pain of loosing someone. I try my best to love like I am going to loose them (Megan Trenor).

    Finally, as I have said before, I do not fear death, I fear dying and leaving my loved ones behind. I also do not fear the death of others because I believe in the Gospel and Jesus. In many cases, I see death as mercy and a blessing. As the saying goes, there are worse things in life than death. Paul says, For me to die is gain, but I remain for the sake of the Gospel and others (Philippians 1:21). Lord let it be so with me!