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  • David

    October 9, 2020 at 5:20 am

    Mark, today’s text is especially for you. May the Holy Spirit always guide you instead of your feelings.

    It may not be a legitimate takeaway, but I strongly believe in not waiting until my loved ones are dead to pour out extravagant love on them. Do it while they are living so they can enjoy it.

    As far as burning a year’s wages, it is certainly extravagant and I would not think of doing such a thing, but that’s the point. What inspired Mary and what inspires us to “the glorious waste of worship” is the Holy Spirit. Worship, in my view, is a spiritual matter that is inherently impractical. I don’t think Mary planned to do this. God provided the means and the inspiration. She just surrendered and did as the Spirit moved her.

    This example pales in comparison, but I remember the day that I let go in worship of Jesus and raised my voice and my hands towards heaven in total abandonment. Prior to this, like Judas, I would ridicule and disapprove of those who were so disorderly and irreverent to raise their hands or shout glory in church of all places. Such abandonment and extravagant worship is only fit for the Georgia/Florida game or the Super Bowl. On that day, the Spirit took hold of me and my worship. Wild horses could not have stopped me. Lord may it always be so with me when I worship you in Spirit and love!