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  • David

    October 17, 2020 at 6:28 am

    Jesus washed our feet to show us what true greatness and love-empowered service looks like. We don’t take on the nature of a servant, we are a servant and our actions flow out of that identity. I believe our actions do not always reveal our true identity. Bad people can do good things, but they are insincere and their actions do not reflect who they really are. Some people can see through this very quickly, but many are fooled and can be led astray.

    If our actions reflect our true identity, they will reflect the one who sends us and the one who sent Him. So the question of identity becomes critical to a Christian’s actions and their exercise of power. If we are Christ Followers first our actions and the exercise of what ever power we hold as a parent, husband, elected official or CEO of a major company will flow out of our identity and be like those of Jesus, our lord and servant leader.