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  • David

    October 18, 2020 at 6:00 am

    I have been fortunate so far in life. No one has ever betrayed me and to my knowledge I have never betrayed anyone to the degree spoken of here. I have experienced disappointment and a sense being abandoned or being let down by others, what JD calls garden variety disloyalty, so I have tasted the pain of betrayal and the “ultimate failure of love.”

    I have also felt the pain of disappointing and letting others down. I can testify that while the pain or remembrance of the pain never really goes away for either party there is a remedy or a salve if you will. It’s the ultimate power of love and forgiveness. There is a good book I often recommend for those who have been betrayed, hurt or let down by others. It is entitled “Love like You Have Never Been Hurt” by Franklin Jentezen. It’s the kind of love and forgiveness God offers us. It sounds impossible, but if your focus is on relationship and not on revenge or vengeance it can be a healing experience.

    The remedy for the pain of you disappointing or letting others down is confession. Acknowledge the wrong doing as soon as you realize it or become aware of it even if you don’t agree with it. Go immediately to the person you have offended and ask for forgiveness. If they accept it you have healed the relationship. If they don’t, you have done all you can do.