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  • David

    October 23, 2020 at 6:18 am

    “Jesus will have no other home, no other temple, than His Disciples.” The ball is in our court, it is up to us, that is the message I get from today’s text. Jesus showed us the way and modeled the behavior needed, but He expects us show/tell the world about Him.

    I love the new Casting Crowns song, “Nobody” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZzdWp_r4-_KSWcdSjuvjUA). Jesus chose nobody’s to tell everybody about somebody who can save their sole. It would be easier, for us, if Jesus just did it Himself, but it would not be as effective. His efforts are multiplied exponentially through us, this is the greater things He was talking about. Ann, gets a gold star for sharing this truth with us in her reflections earlier this week.

    As far as what hinders us/me is concerned, all I can come up with is that we/I don’t love Him enough, “anyone who loves me will obey my teaching.” We are too busy loving ourselves and other things to do the work of showing people Jesus and making disciples. The good news is that He has given us a helper, the Holy Spirit, and He has given us His peace. He tells us “to not let our hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” What He is telling us is, you can do this and I will help you. So come on all you nobody’s, let’s tell everybody, about somebody, who saved our souls.