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  • David

    October 29, 2020 at 1:24 am

    I definitely struggle with taking things too personal when I am criticized, persecuted or hated. My default position is to think it is about me. Sometimes the feeling is legitimate, I am at fault, but sometimes it is not about me, it is about them and their hatred of the one that I follow.

    This is what true followers of Jesus Christ should expect today and not take too personally. In fact, we should preemptively love them, because that is what Jesus did and commands us to do. Mainstream culture, the world, will always hate us because we are not of their world. We will face persecution from those of this world both outside the church and within the church, but our response is preemptive love and prayer for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44).

    I am old enough to remember when it wasn’t like this in America or in the Church. Our mainstream culture was in fairly close alignment with Godly Kingdom principles. That is definitely not the case today and that is what this election is about more than any other in my lifetime. In my view, it is a choice between good and evil not between two candidates or political parties. The choice is crystal clear to me, but not to others, which I find immensely frustrating. The thing I am having to remind myself is that it is really not about me or them, it’s about the world and God and I know who has already won that battle. So my response is to love and pray for those who don’t see what I see because regardless of the outcome of the election next week, we win! Lord help me to preemptively love all people.