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  • David

    November 2, 2020 at 6:22 am

    Praying or asking in the name of Jesus is powerful because He has all the power and authority. The reason we don’t always get what we ask for is more challenging. I agree with JD’s analogy, asking and receiving is linked to discipleship and our spiritual maturity, but that does not fully explain it for me. I have sincerely asked for trivial things and weightier things and sometimes I get what I ask for and sometimes I don’t. What’s up with that?

    I have concluded that the reason is not for me to know. What I do know is that Jesus/God loves us; wants us to ask; and He wants to give us all that we desire. When we don’t get it, He wants us to trust in Him that He has something better in mind. God’s no’s are some of our richest blessings. His ways, His thoughts, and His interests are higher and better than mine. I gladly yield my interests/desires to His. I am still working on the joyful part, but I see the difference.

    As far as where I am most challenged in my discipleship today. I meet that challenge every morning when I look in the mirror. It is a matter of dying to self interest and living for and in Christ’s interests. It is profound love of God and profound love of others. It is not about me!