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  • David

    November 6, 2020 at 5:54 am

    I have always thought of sanctification as the process of becoming Holy as God is Holy. It really has nothing to do with the practice of religion. Recently, I have come to understand sanctification as becoming more like Jesus for the sake of others. This is why Jesus leaves us in the world even though we are no longer of this world. This is our purpose our function until he returns.

    God’s Word (truth and revelation) and the Holy Spirit are the means of sanctification. Apart from the Word and the Holy Spirit our efforts to be sanctified are nothing more than a self help program. This is why reading scripture and reflecting on its meaning and application are so vitally important to Christ Followers.

    Rather than name persons in my life past and present that I think of as “hallowed” (sanctified or Holy) I would rather reflect on the characteristics of sanctified people I know. The first word I think of is humble. They know that they are not perfect and they do not judge or condemn others. Secondly, they love the Lord (Jesus) and His Word (truth), and they have love and compassion for others. Finally, they are selfless, sometimes to a fault. They do not think more highly of themselves than they should and they consider the interests of others as more important than their own. Lord let it be so with me!