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  • David

    November 12, 2020 at 8:32 am

    For some reason, the Daily Text App has not downloaded today’s text, John 18:28-36. JD entitles his reflection, “Why religion is the problem.” Anybody that knows me or has been around me for 5 minutes when the topic is religion and the church, knows exactly where I stand on this issue and how I would answer JD’s questions. Religion and religious people (form) were the greatest obstacle to the proclamation of the Gospel (function) in Jesus’s day and that is still the case today.

    As far as what can be done about this and how we can break free from this is concerned, I offer the following: First, we have to make Jesus Lord and the center (head) of all we do. One way to do this is to release the Holy Spirit and be Spirit led. Secondly, we can’t allow tradition and the current form of church to rule over our primary function (making disciples). Our primary function is not a weekly worship service. Thirdly, we need to evaluate our budgets for staff and buildings to make sure they reflect our core values and our primary function. Finally, we must grow smaller to reach more people. Everyone needs to be in a small group, Home Church, Band or a combination of the above. Discipleship and real spiritual growth does not occur in one hour on Sunday morning sitting in comfortable chairs watching others worship and teach. Like the Great Commandment, the Great Commission is everyone’s responsibility. I have to make Jesus the center of my life and Making disciple has to be job one for me. Now you know where I stand.