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  • David

    November 14, 2020 at 6:56 am

    I have never thought of Pilate as the villain in the passion of Christ. As Jesus said, “you would have no power over me, if it were not given to you from above….the one who turned me in is guilty of the greater sin.” Actually, the villains in this story are the religious leaders who cried out crucify Him.

    I don’t even think of Pilate as a politician. He was appointed not elected and he did not need the Jews approval to keep his power. He just wanted to keep them in line because if he didn’t that would reflect badly on him in the eyes of his superiors. Nor did he really care about the Jews, so I would argue he had neither conviction or courage.

    Most politicians, not all, are the same. They lack conviction or courage, all they care about is maintaining power and getting re-elected. Our representative form of democracy (republic) was not intended to be governed by politicians. Our founding fathers were men of strong conviction and courage and they cared deeply about this country and the people. They were statesman not politicians.

    Having said all that, what is that we despise in them and hate or fail to see In ourselves? Certainly lack of conviction and courage would be on that list, but I think there is something deeper than that. They lack humility. They think that it is all about them. When we lack humility, we fail to recognize our faults and the higher power and greater good we serve. They also lack a profound love of others that comes only from love of God. This is why we need to elect Godly leaders to represent us.