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  • David

    November 17, 2020 at 6:13 am

    In typical John David style, he is challenging our conventional wisdom at best and meddling at worst. I have always explained that we Protestants use an empty cross as the most treasured symbol of our faith because we are focused on the resurrection and new life not death and suffering. And yes there is some passive and sometimes active ant-catholic bias involved in this practice.

    I see the value of looking upon the one that was pierced for our transgressions, but I probably won’t run out and buy a crucifix. I remember this act of sacrificial love every time I take communion, but my focus is on receiving grace and living a life worthy of it not on the graphic details of the sacrifice. I also share in and look upon His passion and the crucifixion at Easter when I make myself watch the “Passion of Christ.” I have a collection of crosses in my home, but none of them have my Lord and King on them because He is not on the Cross. He is not dead, He is alive and roaring like a lion inside me!