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  • David

    November 18, 2020 at 7:12 am

    Respectability, conforming to the expectations of others is seductive because it is easier. We fit in and are accepted because we don’t rock the boat or upset the status quo. Respect is harder to gain. It means we are a person of convictions and we are willing to stand up for what we believe regardless of what others think. We are willing to do the right thing, even when doing the right thing is not popular (politically correct) or it may cost us loss, pain and suffering. As Christ Followers it means obeying God’s commandments and His Will for us in all situations and circumstances.

    The manner in which we do the right thing (act justly) is important and can make the difference in being a self righteous hypocrite who wears his religion on his sleeve (a Pharisee) and a respected Disciple of Christ and minister of God’s reconciliation. When we act justly, do the right thing, we do so with kindness and humility. When we stand up for God’s Truth, we do so gently with respect for others views and with forbearance and love (I need to work on this part).

    Sometimes my passion for God’s Truth and what I think is right in His sight causes me to overgeneralize and to become judgmental and condemning. For example, proclaiming that all people who voted for the democratic agenda are either stupid or evil. First, that’s not true of everyone and secondly it does not help my cause.

    There is an absolute right and wrong and there is evil and evil people in this world. I desperately want to stand up for what is right in God’s sight not mine or theirs. I am beginning to realize that I don’t need to waist time and energy casting pearls before swine or fighting the spiritual battle with evil. God will take care of that part. I just need to pray, examen my own heart and repent, and do the right thing with kindness and humility. I need to stand up, speak out, and engage the civic dialogue without compromise, but with love and humility. Lord let it be so with me and show me the way!