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  • David

    December 3, 2020 at 5:40 am

    I do not dismiss it because the Bible says it and therefore I believe it. I long for the day, when there will be no more war. Much of my life has been defined by war. I chose my college, got married, had our first child all because of a senseless war (Vietnam). Wars and rumors of wars, and socially and politically engineered peace will usher in the second Advent of Christ and the coming of the Kingdom of God, but only God can bring the peace we seek.

    It occurs to me that we don’t have to wait for peace, we can become peacemakers now. I am not talking about pacifist or conscientious objectors. I am talking about being a plow not a sword. We can prepare the way (soil) for the coming of Christ. Much like John the Baptist, we can be a voice of godly wisdom, truth, and love crying out in the wilderness. Think about that the next time you engage in a discussion of politics and current affairs. Lord let it be so with me!