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  • David

    December 13, 2020 at 5:57 am

    I have always found this passage a little troubling. John was the first to recognize Jesus as the Messiah and Lord. He leapt in Elizabeth’s womb when he encountered Jesus in Mary’s womb. He heard God’s voice from heaven proclaiming Him as His beloved son when he baptized Him, but now he is questioning his “assumptions.” What’s up with that?

    I think this passage is more about demonstrating John’s humanity and our propensity for doubting our faith than making assumptions. Jesus proclaimed him as the greatest prophet on earth, but not greater than the least of those in the Kingdom of God. There is no hierarchy in the Kingdom of God and we are all vulnerable to doubts and questioning our assumptions (beliefs) here on earth. I take heart that in my experience this only lasts for a moment and my faith is always restored.

    As far as wether I am asleep, I don’t think so. Actually my awareness (awokeness) is troubling for me and disconcerting for others that are asleep or just don’t see what I see. They seem to take offense at the second coming of Jesus, but “blessed is anyone that does not take offense of Him.” As for me and my household, we celebrate and boldly proclaim his first coming, his presence here today (the Holy Spirit), and we anxiously await and look forward to His coming again.