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  • David

    December 22, 2020 at 5:56 am

    Well first, in this age of emasculating and downplaying the importance of men in the world, I am glad to hear someone point out the faith of Joseph and his very important role in the Advent Story of Christ’s first coming. He did the hard thing like countless other Godly men have done since then, but let’s not make this about gender. In Christ, there is neither male or female, we are all equal and doing the hard thing applies to all of us.

    The real problem is that in this age of “low standards and lowest-common-denominator faith” it is hard for any of us to point to a hard thing we have done based on our faith. As I reflected on my life and faith walk, the hardest thing I have endured by faith is the death of my spouse. If I reframe the question to be doing the right thing, I can recall more incidences of when I obeyed God rather than the world. When I went against the cultural norms and followed God’s commandments. Being obedient is doing the hard thing, especially in this age of disobedience. Lord may it be so with me!