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  • David

    January 7, 2021 at 5:49 am

    Ok, if you took yesterday’s lesson seriously, you have some idea of where you are spiritually. Today’s lesson makes it clear that our destination is “Christ likeness.” So, we know where we are and where we are going. Now we need a plan to get there. I would note here, that those who fail to plan; plan to fail. Do you have a personal growth plan for moving you from where you are to where you want to go?

    Having said that, I have found that planning for Spiritual growth is different from planning for a trip to Kansas. We are talking about a transformational process, not a transactional process. For example, in today’s lesson there is reference to the Fruit of the Holy Spirit not the fruit of David or the Church. To me this implies that my plan involves more than my efforts at transformation. More than attending church programs and activities or following the rules. The author suggest that it is a natural process, I would suggest that it is a supernatural process.

    The closing exercise and questions imply that we have to give something up or leave something behind in order to reach our destination. I may be wrong, but when I think of where I have grown spiritually in the last year, it’s not so much a matter of giving something up as it is of doing something I have not been doing. I sense that becoming like Christ involves both stopping and starting, denial and following.