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  • David

    January 10, 2021 at 6:31 am

    This is a very good teaching on forgiveness. Excusing, minimizing, trusting and reconciling are not part of forgiveness. For me, forgiveness is like grace. It is an unmerited act of love and mercy, but that does not take away from, minimize or excuse the wrong (sin) committed. Trust and reconciliation are largely up to the forgiven. It is their response to your forgiveness that will determine the level of trust and reconciliation that is restored.

    I find the idea that forgiveness is not a one time event, a bit challenging. At first blush, I liken it to “digging up dead cats.” For you cat lovers, that is an idiomatic statement not intended to cast dispersion on cats. The meaning of the expression is that every time you dig up something that is dead, it smells even worse. I think that can apply this to forgiveness in that you should not keep bringing the offense up.

    Upon further reflection, I can see where this can happen and does apply, especially as the author describes it. Life events or new information can cause us to retrigger or remember known hurts or reveal those we were unaware existed. This brings up the question of forgetting the wrong we have forgiven. I will reserve my thoughts on this until we read what the author has to say about what forgiveness is.