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  • David

    January 12, 2021 at 4:43 am

    Today’s Teaching is an interesting twist on the proportionality of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness. The scriptures make it clear that we are shown mercy and forgiveness in the same measure that we show mercy and forgiveness to others. Additionally, as today’s Text demonstrates, we have to do this over and over again (70×7), but is God’s love, mercy and forgiveness transactional, a quid quo pro proposition?

    The author suggests that God’s love, mercy and forgiveness is an ever flowing stream of living water. His love, mercy and forgiveness is not conditional, but “it is possible to put ourselves in a position that prevents us from receiving it.” That is what we do when we do not forgive others. We put our hand over our cup or remove it and refuse to let God’s love, mercy and forgiveness flow through us to others. This does not stop the flow, but since our cup has holes in it (we are not perfect, we too need love, mercy and forgiveness) our life (cup) soon becomes empty and a living hell.

    Wow! This changes the equation completely. God is not withholding His love, mercy, and forgiveness when we don’t forgive, we are blocking or removing ourselves from receiving it. This image is more consistent with a loving God that shows mercy and forgiveness to all who will receive it. I also think it is important to note, as the author suggests, that the one we often fail to forgive is ourselves. I know that is the case with me.