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  • David

    January 23, 2021 at 5:01 am

    I see two very important teachings in today’s lesson. First, when we die to the “me god” we often replace him with somebody else or something else. I did this as a new believer. I realized that I was not God, but I replaced Him with Church Work and career. I was too busy attending meetings and serving the Church to spend time with God. I was too busy pursuing my career to spend time discipling my own children and others. First means first. All these other things will added afterwards.

    Secondly, putting God first is “almost never a once-for-all-time action. It is quite common for us to surrender the throne, only to climb right back on it in the midst of uncertain, fearful, or stressful situations.” I am constantly giving up control only to try to regain it when things don’t go my way. I am learning that keeping God first is a daily struggle that requires intentionality. I have found that obedience is the key. If God tells me to do something, I try to just do it without questioning or rationalizing the situation or His prompt. This requires that we learn to hear God and distinguish His voice from others. This requires time and practice. It also helps to seek wise counsel and affirmation from others that you have a close intimate relationship with. Lord let it be so with me!