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  • David

    January 24, 2021 at 4:28 am

    Thank God for “justifying grace” without it we are lost in the futility of our own efforts. The problem with justifying grace is that this is just the beginning, our new birth. If we are to become more like Christ for the sake of others, we have to grow and mature. “While we are positionally righteous, we remain functionally fallen human beings living in a broken world. So, what happens next? This is where sanctifying Grace comes in.

    There are probably many people who prayed for my salvation (justification), but I can only think of one at the moment. My first wife, Susan who is resting in heaven, essentially led me to salvation. There are also many that witnessed to me by their example. It was not a sermon on hell fire and brimstone, judgment or condemnation, it was unconditional love that led me to want to accept Jesus as my savior.

    There were also many that helped me to grow spiritually from an infant, to a child, to a young adult, to an mature adult, and now as I enter into the “Spiritual Parent” stage of my of my life, but a lot of my Spiritual journey has been a matter of discipline, perseverance and hard work. The Holy Spirit has been my primary helper and guide. More on this tomorrow.