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  • David

    January 25, 2021 at 9:16 pm

    Surrender to the Holy Spirit is certainly the alternative to self-reliance and a necessary step in sanctification. We must humble ourselves and submit to the Lord in order for Grace to abound. This is an obstacle for spiritual growth and as the author points out we can go back and forth between surrender and self-reliance. However, each time we do that it should become more obvious how futile our own efforts are.

    While I agree that surrender can lead to suffering, I am not sure that surrender always results in suffering. In fact, I have suffered more from not surrendering, trusting and persevering. I think humility, surrender and submission to the Holy Spirit are the most important requirements for spiritual growth. There have been times that I have suffered for choosing the road less traveled or the narrow gate, but I consider that to be a small cost considering the rewards.