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  • David

    January 30, 2021 at 6:48 am

    Abide and obey is the only way to live in Christ and to walk in the Spirit not in the flesh. Abiding is about living in Christ and not living in the world. If you are not living in Christ and bearing fruit, you will be cut off and burned. If you are living in Christ you will be pruned (chastened) in order to bear more fruit. The writings of the Apostles (New Testament) are clear on this point. Being in Christ is really having Him in you. If you do, you are saved; you will not be cut off; and you will produce the fruit of the Spirit that lives in you. In my view obeying follows abiding. Obeying is loving God and loving others; and serving God and serving others.

    In light of this belief the closing exercise can be revealing. The author challenges us to “look for time munchers—activities that produce no fruit in terms of loving God, loving others, serving God, or serving others…and to eliminate fruitless activities.” When I look at my calendar in this light, I could find a lot of “fruitless” activities depending on how you define fruitless. If fruitless is anything that is not directly involved in loving God and loving others or serving God and serving others, then I am in big trouble. Is going fishing or watching a movie on TV fruitless? Is going to work and/or school fruitless?

    The truth is that much of what we do on a day to day basis could be viewed as fruitless by this standard unless it is in keeping with God’s Will for you. In my opinion, a better way to phrase the question and the author alludes to this, is what am I doing that is outside of God’s Will for me? This requires that we know what God’s Will is for us and only the Holy Spirit can reveal that to you, so ask the Holy Spirit to identify activities, relationships, or habits that are outside God’s Will for you and eliminate those. Lord, I want your Will, nothing more, nothing less!