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  • David

    February 1, 2021 at 6:30 am

    This is an interesting and different analogy for the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit. We all receive the Holy Spirit when we accept Christ, but not everyone releases or gives control to the Holy Spirit. Not everyone walks by the Spirit or lives a Spirit led life. They are just milk with some chocolate in it. They need stirring up.

    As I reflect on my personal experience with the Holy Spirit, the spiritual disciplines have definitely been spiritual spoons that have released or stirred up the Holy Spirit in my life. Spiritual programs and activities or mountain top experiences have also played a role, but I quickly learned they don’t last and that you will wear yourself out chasing after the next Spiritual high. We all leak and need to be refilled, but there is something more to living a chocolate milk life.

    For me that something more involves submission or surrender. Some call it letting go and letting God. It is when I am powerless that His power and presence is most evident and I get stirred up or refilled. It happens when I diminish in order to leave room for Him to increase. It happens after a night of weeping when He restores my joy in the morning. It happens in worship, when I let go of my inhibitions and focus solely on His goodness, mercy, and Grace. In service, it is when I have exhausted my resources and He steps in and does more than I could ever imagine. When I am teaching it happens when He gives me the words to say and I can see the lights come on. It is when I least expect it that He stirs me. I can’t orchestrate it or control it. All I can do is receive it. Come Holy Spirit!