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  • David

    February 2, 2021 at 6:33 am

    Today is the last day of our group study of The Experience. Tomorrow we will resume the Daily Text as our daily reading and source of reflection.

    The author provides a great summary of what we have studied, but the big takeaway today is “While it is Jesus who heals, he does so in the context of community.” If you are trying to become more like Jesus on your own, you will not get there. We need partners in community to help us along on this journey.

    Your most intimate partner is the Holy Spirit. Spend time alone with Him and learn to listen and do what He says. Your second most intimate partner is your Spouse, if you have one. I want to honor singleness, but God did not intend for us to live alone (Genesis 2:2). If you are married, I pray that you are equally yoked. I have been blessed with two God chosen partners in my life that have helped me grow spiritually. Ann and I pray together daily and we share our devotional time with each other. This makes a huge difference.

    I use to think that the local church was the next level of community that we need in order to be healed and grow, but I have learned that there are really two other groups that you need in addition to the local church. If you think you can get to where you want by attending a one hour worship service and serving on a few work committees, I want to assure you that you will never fully reach your destination. You need smaller more intimate groups of believers in order to grow. I believe you need a home church group, 10-15 other people you can meet with for fellowship, prayer, study, and accountability. I also think you need your James, Peter, and John. You need a small band of brothers or sisters to provide deeper accountability, guidance, and wise counsel. If you don’t have these relationships and would like some help in forming them, please let me know.