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  • David

    February 5, 2021 at 6:12 am

    Two questions really resonate with me from this passage and JD’s reflection. First, Are you ready to go to the next place in the formation of the mind of Christ in you? I assume we all are or you would not be in this group or reading this devotion. We talked yesterday about first and next steps on our journey and the role of epiphanies and crisis of faith in revealing and illuminating our next step, but the second question JD posed showed me a more ordinary path if we will just pay attention.

    “What if we can only actually see and understand the plan retrospectively?” We are always looking forward for the next step, but maybe the answer is in the rear view mirror. I am not saying dwell on the past or try to return to the past (go back to the good ole days). You actually can’t move forward looking in the rear view mirror (you will run into things) and you can never step in the same place in the River of life twice. As we learned yesterday, we must keep our gaze focused forward on Jesus forgetting what lies in the past, but what if the plan for moving forward is revealed in the past. In what Jesus has done in your life before that He will do again if you will connect the dots.

    I am thinking here of the power of remembering and the insights to be gained from the spiritual practice of Examen. Each day I reflect on the day before and record what happened and where Jesus intervened into the ordinary events of my life, like this wedding in Cana. After years of doing this, I have a lot of incidences where he turned water into wine or more often ashes into beauty. These remembrances coupled with scripture and the epiphanies I receive by connecting these dots with the present give me hope and direction for moving forward and determining my next steps in becoming more like Christ for the sake of others.