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  • David

    February 6, 2021 at 6:27 am

    This teaching has some very practical application. I used to make my living helping communities build leadership capacity and develop “strategic plans.” When I retired, I started helping churches do the same, but I soon learned the valuable lesson contained in today’s text and JD’s reflection. There is a difference in having a strategy and having a strategic plan.

    Strategic planning assumes we know what the future holds. That we can predict change and unplanned events or unexpected consequences. It really does not work that way. Life is a series of unplanned events and unexpected consequences. Life is what happens to you while your planning other things (John Lennon). Trying to predict and plan what you will be doing five, ten, twenty years from now is not only futile, it is arrogant.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I still believe in having a strategy for moving forward. I still believe in having a plan and dreaming big. I believe that those who have no strategy and plan are doomed to fail, but I have learned that we have to hold those plans loosely and be prepared and open for God to interrupt those plans.

    Our strategy is simple, but profound and often very difficult. It requires faith in things unseen. Our strategy should be the same as Jesus’s strategy. He knew what He desired and where he was going, but He did not know exactly how and when He was going to get there. He just did what the Father told Him. He was obedient. Part of our strategy is to have the mind of Jesus. “The mind of Jesus looks like obedience. Moment by moment obedience. Trusted relational obedience. Abiding obedience.” Lord let it be so with me!