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  • David

    February 8, 2021 at 6:28 am

    So far in this series of readings on Epiphanies (note the Awakening Calendar) we have learned that Jesus heals us in the context of community (Relationships). In this reading, we learn that He heals others through us (they immediately told Jesus about her). We are the instruments of His Grace. We are His arms and feet. We reach out and go to the sick and tell Him about them and he “takes them by the hand and helps them.”

    What an awesome “awakening” that gives new meaning to our lives here on earth. If Jesus lives in you, it is no longer about you. It is about taking Him and telling Him about others and telling others about Him everywhere you go. It baffles the worldly mind that He chooses the ordinary to do the extraordinary. That He works through us and our weaknesses to perfect His power to save and heal.

    It is really as simple as a short visit, a call, or taking someone a meal or a cream cheese pound cake. I experienced this at least twice this weekend. I have to pause and confess that I was a reluctant participant. Ann gets most of the credit, but I did go and once I was there I participated. Blessed is the man that has a Godly Woman for a wife. We visited two friends that were hurting and Jesus worked through us to help heal them. What a joy it was to be used by Jesus. Lord let it be so with me always!