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  • David

    February 9, 2021 at 5:28 am

    “What would happen if Jesus woke up at your house? In your church? In your neighborhood? In your town?” My first thought was that would be great! Then I thought that if He truly lives in me/us then this should happen all the time, but sadly it does not. Why not?

    I am not sure that putting a sign out or a green light on my front porch will work. It seems to me that we already do a lot of that. What caused the people to flock to Simon Peter’s front porch? First, they had heard the Word preached with authority and the sick and demon possessed healed in the Synagogue (Church) and the “news about Him spread.”

    I see and support JD’s point, but I think the awakening has to start in our Churches. Then we have to disciple our people to equip them to take Jesus into their homes; their workplaces; their schools; and the Town Square. The failure of discipleship is why they don’t flock to our houses or seek us out at work, at school or in the community.

    Those that are mature can start now by getting involved in discipleship in our Churches leading small groups. We can make our homes places where Jesus lives and people can come to learn about Him and to be healed. We can carry Him into our workplaces, schools and the community. We need to let our light shine and let them see our good works so that they can see Jesus in us (Matthew 5:16) then they will be drawn to Him. Lord let it be so!