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  • David

    February 10, 2021 at 7:08 am

    In my view and personal experience, meeting with Jesus first everyday is an inescapable reality of our relationship with Him. “Our meeting every day—it’s not practice. It’s the game.” It really does not matter wether you are a “morning person” or not. It really does not matter wether you have other people looking for you or that you have to go to work everyday. I will admit it makes it a lot harder and I have been there, but it is essential that you not miss this early morning meeting. It determines the outcome of your day. It’s not an optional spiritual practice.

    If I have offended you with this statement, I don’t apologize. I sincerely wish someone had told me this earlier in my walk with Jesus. Most of my regrets in life can be traced to not engaging/meeting with Him before I stepped on the field. Meeting with Him after the fact, is like tuning you instrument 🎻 after the concert or shutting the gate after the cows are out. It is not necessarily bad, it just alters the outcome.

    I am challenged by the idea of meeting outside, but I probably won’t give up my “ comfy Jesus chair” beside the fireplace, but occasionally I do go out before dawn and watch the sunrise with my Rabbi. I hope and pray you won’t be offended or perturbed by this text and mine and JD’s reflection on what it means to be a Disciple who try’s to literally do everything that our Lord does and says for us to do. It is not easy, but the rewards are unimaginable. I challenge you to just do it! It will change your life.