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  • David

    February 20, 2021 at 5:55 am

    Well I guess I was right, anger management does not work. We do have to take our “angst” to God. I have never thought of myself as passive aggressive. If I am angry at you, you usually know it. There is nothing passive about it, but that is the canceled sin I seek to be cleansed of and to replace with profound love even for my enemies. Those that disagree with me or dare to challenge me. Those that are different from me. It’s that underlying anger and discontent with myself and the way things are that I need to address, but how.

    I think verse three leads me to an answer beyond anger management, “Send forth Your light and send Your truth, and let them guide me well. O let them bring me to Your mount, the place where You do dwell.” I need to let God’s light (revelation) and Truth guide me and I need to spend more time on the mountain with God. I need to praise Him and put my hope and trust in Him not myself or any self help or behavior management strategy. Lord let it be so with me!