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  • David

    March 2, 2021 at 5:57 am

    God is not a refuge for me, He is my only refuge. I have lived long enough to seek shelter in others, but none can compare to my God. He is the rock that’s higher than I am, or e’er could go; and He has been been my constant refuge, a strong tow’r against the foe. This is how I face tomorrow, this is how I face death.

    It occurs to me that I did not start out this way. I started as a self-made man who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps and faced his foes and life’s challenges on his own. I was my own refuge. That worked ok for awhile and then it became to much to bear and I cried out as my heart grew faint and low, I can’t do this anymore. That is when I turned to Him as a refuge, but it took years of getting to know Him before I realized that He is my only refuge. What about you, what is your story? Where are you on this journey?