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  • David

    March 3, 2021 at 6:27 am

    Embracing depression is like embracing change, it leads to another Quaker practice called the “Way Open.” Change is inevitable and so is depression, but there is a way to embrace it that is better than drugs or resistance. Before anybody gets upset or offended, let me hasten to say that I am not talking about clinical depression. I am talking about depression that is common to all of us. Although, I think the “Way Open” can help everyone who suffers from depression.

    God is the “Way” to the “Way Open.” “Why are you so downcast, my soul? Why so disturbed in me? Put hope in God—I’ll praise Him yet; my Savior God is He! My soul is downcast within me, so I remember You…” Because of this I don’t need to dwell on my depression. It’s ok to acknowledge our feelings of depression, but we don’t need to focus on them. We need to wait on God and trust him to provide the Way Open. We need to remember what He has done before and know that He will do it again. When I am depressed, I embrace it, but I know that it will pass and that God is the God of open doors not closed doors.