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  • David

    March 6, 2021 at 6:11 am

    I have never really felt abandoned by God, so far in my life. There have been some dark nights of the soul and plenty of despair, but I have never been in bondage, or oppressed, or suffered from infirmities like some have, so it’s hard for me to put myself in the Psalmist shoes. I have never been tested like that. I realize that day may come, so I am trying to get to know Him better before I need Him.

    Therefore, memory or remembrance is still a good strategy even for the overly blessed. When I feel despair or panic over my circumstances or some situation, I cling to His past performance in my life. He has always been there and He always answers my prayers even when the answer is silence or No. It just takes time for me to see it. So far we have learned that lament and even imprecatory prayers are helpful, but remembering who God is and what He has done in the past is the most important thing we can do during times of infirmity and despair. Do not despair, God is still on the job even when He is silent.