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  • David

    March 7, 2021 at 5:50 am

    I am definitely not a singer and I am not singing or listening to these readings out loud, sorry JD, but I am trying to sing these Psalms in my mind and heart as I read them. For me it’s not the melody because I find that hard to follow, but the pathos or appeal to my emotions and feelings that is real and meaningful. What about you?

    The take away today for me is JD’s proclamation that, “life is much more about the proper ordering of our desires, affections, dispositions, and deepest feelings than about managing behavior and measuring performance.” In my view, that’s what the Psalms help us do. For example my anger and disgust with evil and people who foment it, acquiesce to it, or ignore it. How do I properly order and channel my anger? I lament and cry out, how long O Lord; I give my anger to God in imprecatory prayers; and I remember who is in charge and what He has promised to do. So I sing, “The Lord has placed us with Himself and hears us when we call to Him. So in your anger, do not sin; and search your heart as day grows dim….My heart is filled with greater joy than when new wine and grain abound; I will lie down and sleep in peace; for You, Lord, safely me surround.”