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  • David

    March 8, 2021 at 6:11 am

    I keep thinking what is the big deal with “singing” the Psalms? This morning it occurred to me that what he is talking about is not literally singing, but what Eugene Patterson calls in Eat This Book, “reading the Scriptures formatively, reading in order to live.” It is more than an intellectual exercise or a performance (singing). It is a way of digestion that is transformative. “Scripture, the Word of God, requires our embodied engagement.”

    What in the world does that mean you are saying. For me, it means that I read scripture not only for knowledge, but for revelation from God. Not just what is He saying, but what is He saying to me and how am I going to live that out. For example, in today’s text I was struck (God spoke to me ) by verse 3, “In the morning, hear my voice. In the morning, I’ll rejoice; Bring my prayers before Your throne, Wait in hope for You alone.”

    You have heard me say it before, but if God’s Word is going to be formative, I need to read and hear it in the morning before I start my day. God speaks to me through scripture the clearest in the morning. My greatest joy usually comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5). I bring my prayers before Him in the morning and I wait for Him alone to answer. How is that for singing?