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  • David

    March 11, 2021 at 5:54 am

    Good word Ann and a great Segway into today’s reading. The Psalmist spent a great deal of time crying out to God and asking how long O’ God. I love John David’s honesty and transparency. I think we are all insecure without God. “Listen to my cry and heed, For I am in desperate need. Save me from those who pursue, They are not too strong for You. Rescue me and hear my plea, For they are too strong for me.” We are all insecure, some people are just better at hiding their insecurity.

    I confess that I have always felt insecure. I spent the early years of my life (pre-Christ) trying to compensate for it or hide it under a facade of machismo. As JD points out, The beauty of the Gospel is those that are insecure (poor in spirit) are blessed. At first, I did not understand this, but now I know that acknowledging our insecurity and confessing our need of a redeemer is the first step to a security and freedom that is stronger than all our fears and insecurities.