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  • David

    March 13, 2021 at 6:18 am

    I know the bigger story because I have read the apocalyptic scriptures in the Bible and I know who wins when Jesus returns. Therefore, my hope for the long haul is in Him and the bigger story. I also know that His Grace is sufficient for my every need right now in the short run regardless of my circumstances or the situation.

    My frustration is with my church, my community, and my country and what to do while we await His return. I was struck by verse 6, “Pour out Your wrath on nations who don’t respect Your fame; Your anger on the kingdoms that don’t call on Your name.” I am deeply saddened and troubled that our Churches, our communities, and our country don’t respect and don’t call on the name of God. They have removed Him and turned toward evil.

    I can’t resign myself to just sit and wait. I want to sound the trumpet and consecrate the people before it is too late. I sing the song of lament, but I am also praying and sowing for a Great Awakening and for revival. What about you? Are you so caught up in your everyday struggles that you are missing the bigger story and your role in it?