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  • David

    March 16, 2021 at 4:53 am

    Like JD, I would call myself a realist, but others may see me as a pessimist. Those views are dependent on me. For me, God is always the third way between the dichotomies of life. It is not pessimism or optimism or some common ground between the two (realism). It is not liberal or conservative, it is God’s way.

    It is as JD suggests a complete paradigm shift, a new way of thinking that is not dependent on me or compromise. What that means for me is that I view life and circumstances through a Biblical lens or God’s Word, Ways, and Will. It is not bound by current circumstances good, bad or real. It is based on faith and hope in God and who He is and what He has promised to do. In that regard, I guess I am a “hopefulest.”