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  • David

    April 1, 2021 at 6:02 am

    The answer to JD’s question, “Have the events of Holy Week become so familiar they no longer carry shock value?” Is an unequivocal YES! For most of us this week is like every other week and we will skip over the ugly events in celebration of Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day. Even our Holy Week services fail to focus on the passion of Christ, in my experience. We are simply too far removed from such graphic betrayal and persecution. We have never seen a someone scourged and crucified. We were not there when they pierced our Lord. Therefore, we can’t fully appreciate the depths of God’s love for us.

    As far as what to do about it is concerned, I have adopted a practice of trying to remember by reading the scriptural accounts and watching the movie, The Passion of Christ. It is a gut wrenching experience that always leaves me emotionally and spiritually exhausted, but it helps me to comprehend the level of sacrifice that God made in order to save me from the wages of sin and to give me eternal life in His Kingdom now and forever. “35 For God will save and will rebuild the cities of Zion; His people will possess the land of Judah, every one. 36 Their children will inherit it; all those who love His name. They’ll dwell there, all His servants and their children, free from shame.” Praise God!