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  • David

    April 7, 2021 at 6:47 am

    Wow 😳 this is a message that lights my fire! John David is spot on and I could not agree more. Christianity is not just another perspective or point of view. It is God’s point of view and the only true perspective. It is a Biblical Worldview and the only appropriate point of view or way of seeing for those who profess to be Christ Followers.

    It sounds arrogant and intolerant and it is, but there is only one way, God’s way. This is a non-negotiable belief that can not be compromised or negotiated. As far as how to say this boldly and humbly, I am not sure how to do that without watering down the truth, which is what the modern church has done in my “humble opinion.” For example, God’s view (the Biblical view) on abortion is that it is murder. Yet, many Christ Followers support “a woman’s right to choose.” I will try to say this gently and with love, but this is a hill that I am willing to die on. How about you?