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  • David

    April 11, 2021 at 6:05 am

    I have not spent much time in jail or suffered from illness or a tragic accident personally, but I have spent a great deal of time in hospitals, nursing homes, and Hospice with sick and dying friends and love ones. It is a reality of living a long life that you will experience the suffering and death of family and friends. I can testify that “It’s in the most turbulent storms where Jesus demonstrates the most transformational suffering.”

    I have observed that you can pick out the real Christians in an ICU waiting room. They are the ones ministering to others in the midst of their own suffering. They morn and weep over their suffering and loss, but there is something different about the way they respond. The presence of Christ and the Holy Spirit in them is palpable. Non-believers see and don’t understand it, but they want what they have. Believers see it and it builds their faith.

    In order to do this we must do as JD suggests, “This means renouncing victimhood, releasing entitlement, and finding a posture of unshakable faith in Jesus rather than devoting all your energies to fighting against the circumstance.” We must see suffering as an opportunity to witness to the hope that we have in Jesus regardless of our circumstances. The best way to do this is to love others as Jesus loved us in the midst of His suffering. Lord let it be so with me!