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  • David

    April 22, 2021 at 6:59 am

    Today’s text and JD’s teaching is rich with profound statements, 1) We are growing up by growing down. The way is descent, 2) The only way to find this way is to follow Jesus. This is the way that leads to the truth, which becomes the life. And, sadly, few find it (Matt. 7:14), We are mostly stuck somewhere in between the gift of justification by grace through faith and the grace of sanctification by grace through faith, and The primary reason we are stuck is we do not have the kind of relationships it takes to foment and foster this kind of transformation. We call it “banded discipleship.”

    What is banded discipleship? In my view, it is just another name for small group discipleship, but it is different from a typical small group or accountability group. If you want to learn more about banded discipleship, please let me know.

    The big take away from today’s reading is “becoming obedient to death.” Those of you who have been in this group have heard me speak on this before. If I was limited to only one word (Heaven forbid) to describe what living the Gospel of Christ means, that one word would be humility. There is also an undeniable connection between obedience and humility. Without obedience you only have self-denial. We must humble ourselves and die to self (obedient to death) and then pick up our cross and follow Him. To follow Him is to obey Him, do what He says, do what he did, how He did it.

    As far as what stands in the way of me humbling myself to the point of obedience, there is again only one word and that word is Self. Holy Spirit lead me to the way of the Cross!